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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Another Season Rolls By

The transition has finally been made from the old and the dark, to the new and the bright. More than just cosmetics, this change marks the fresh outlook of what I have learned and experienced in recent years. Choke on This has finally shed its shadowy interior for a more calming and open look, one that will hopefully make readers even more comfortable.

Simply an inversion

I have been wanting to change the layout and design for quite some time but never seemed to find the time to do so. Many things have been going on in my life that have distracted me from blogging, though I would not say that they are terrible or unwanted distractions.

All fires start small
I have always been reserved in what I share with people, as I feel that a lot of things are better off kept to one's self rather than just blurt it all out to people without thinking of the effects and consequences. If you look at my posts here, and if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you would notice how I tend to not comment on current issues or anything that is trendy or viral at the time. People tend to share too much on things that their not really informed about. Worse is the fact that they would not even care to do any research into the subject. The result of the laziness and ignorance? Exactly what they say about fuel and fire.

If only people took the more noble and logical step to actually look into the matter thoroughly without adding their two cents first. Yes, the issues can be trivial or even downright silly, but it still deserves truth and fairness. Whether it is about political problems, social misconducts, celebrity feuds, or just poor civilians whose shame or mistakes have been spread across the Net, these matters are almost always taken out of context with some being subject to manipulations and distortions.

So that's a little bit about on how I come up with my personal posts and the things that I share. Choke on This will be celebrating its 7th Blogoversary and I still can't believe that those seven years have taught me so much. Everyday I am thankful to Allah for the things that have been given to me. I have a wonderful and supportive family, amazing friends from all kinds of backgrounds, a dream job that I truly enjoy despite the challenges, and the hope of more good things to come.

Life is not all rainbows and sunshine and hardships will come whether you are prepared for it or not. But all that comes will be beneficial and will make us grow and become better versions of ourselves. All will be possible as long as we have faith in Allah.

Always look forward to that blue sky

Take care everyone. I write this while wishing the best for all of you. And hopefully you can do the same for me.

Looking forward for more blog posts and Blogoversaries. Later!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Into the Sky

Sparks fly with each pen stroke,
As I spill out the ink of my heart.
In the silence of the night cloak,
I fold the paper into a work of art.

A wind-borne melody calls to me,
I open the window into the night.
The moon glimmers for all to see,
My paper plane prepares for flight.

A few steps feel like leagues away,
I take my stance for the throw.
'He is a coward', let no one say,
My love soars the sky for all to know.

The wings flutter as it carries the task,
I stare back at my empty hand.
And the one question that I must ask,
Is where will the paper plane land?


Note: I have been a fan of Hayao Miyazaki ever since I watched Princess Mononoke a few years ago. Last December, I watched his so called 'final film', The Wind Rises. Miyazaki has announced his retirement so many times before, only to come back and make another amazing film, not that anybody complains about it though. Many have called Spirited Away as his magnum opus, but I think The Wind Rises is definitely the masterpiece.

This poem was inspired by the film, particularly from a scene where the main character makes a paper plane and slingshots it into the air. While watching that scene, a title came to mind - 'Where the Paper Planes Land'. I wanted to write a poem about a magical or otherworldly place where all the paper planes landed. As you can read, the title ended up in the final line of the last stanza, and the poem itself represents a different idea altogether.

The fuel to writing this poem was Christopher Drake's 'Gotham City, 1986' from The Dark Knight Returns. Not sure how the dark tone of the music helped with the lovey-dovey theme of the poem, but it surely did. Of course, on the last two stanzas I switched to Hans Zimmer's 'S.T.A.Y' from Interstellar, so I guess it came around to a softer tone in the end.

Monday, 13 October 2014


I see faces, distant and blurry,
A portrait of dreams and history.
The waves smash against heart's walls,
Blinding and tearing as love falls.

Gone are the faces, ghosts remain,
Silent and weaving, driving me insane.
Come back, come back to me,
Your splendours, I crave to see.

A blanket of shadows covers the sky,
Grey walls stand empty and dry.
The fires burn like sparkling stars,
As I search for reality, near and far.

The holes grow wider and deeper,
Honest thoughts crawl up closer.
Would someone take this heart of mine,
And tell me that all will be fine?


Note: It took quite some time for me to complete this poem. I usually write a poem within a few hours, sometimes even minutes. And the ones that take longer, I discard them altogether. With 'Grey' it took me about two months. I have always wanted to make a poem of people who I have admired, been infatuated or felt deep connections with. I don't even know some of them personally, merely observed them from afar.

Nowadays I feel as if it was all for nothing, those feelings I had for the 'ghosts'. It only seemed to be a game that the heart played, trying to fill itself with something that was never meant to be. I believe that love is always there in our hearts. It only needs a target for it to flow to. I am, of course, referring to love between people and not with God. Love towards Allah is a must and only through it can we know the true meaning of love and all that comes with it.

The reason why I could not finish the poem sooner was because it was hard to find the suitable words to express what I felt and still feel. I try my best to be honest in my writings but I am also a guarded person. Anyways, it was only until I watched 'The Fault in Our Stars' last night that I felt like finishing the poem. It sure made me mushy, if you still can't tell. Listening to "Wait" by M83 and "I Wish It Would Rain Down" by Phil Collins and Eric Clapton sure helped too.