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Monday, 23 March 2009

U sure got it right Alfie...

"Why do we fall, Master Wayne? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up." ~ Alfred Pennyworth

Thursday, 19 March 2009


Alhamdulillah.....because of all your prayers my grandma is now a lot more better. She's now conscious and can speak well enough. She can now breathe on her own without the need of the medical ventilator which is a major progress indeed. She's no longer in the ICU and has been moved to a different room. Glad I don't have to visit her at the ICU anymore......the things that you see and hear there are just ghastly.

Anyways just wanna say thank you all for your prayers and support. Lets hope that she can come back home soon. Amin. 8)

Sunday, 15 March 2009

My Grandma.....

My Tok Mommy ~ with shades on mind you!!

Last Wednesday i received a phone call from my mom who's in Penang saying that my grandmother was admitted into the ICU at University Hospital in KL. She's suffering from chronic asthma and on that day she passed out and the doctors couldn't wake her up. I took a cab and went straight to the hospital arriving just minutes after my maksu did. Had to skip all the classes for the day and take a redo test for Literature in ESl on Monday (May Allah forgive you who cheated on the test and make us all suffer for it).

Early worries were that my grandma had a stroke or some brain damage because she was unable to breathe at the time when she passed out. But scans and tests showed that it was not so. Alhamdulillah. She had been admitted into the ICU once before in 2006. At that time however her recovery was swift (she immediately asked for hair dye & lipstick the day when she was conscious again).

Now she is semi-conscious, waking up every now and then. I went to the hospital to see her yesterday. Gave her a kiss on her forehead and she woke up. She stared blankly at first, trying to grasp reality perhaps. Then she saw me and started to cry. She held out her hand and I grasped it and she gave me an approving nod, maybe telling me that everything will be alright. Oh Allah, please care for my grandmother. Let her health recover so that we have more time to play with her, learn from her and love her.She always said that she wants to see me get married (hahahaha) and be the moyang of my children. Amin.

p/s: Thank you to everyone for your well wishes and prayers. Your thoughts and love shall forever be in my heart.

Tok Mommy COMEYYY!!!!!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Rasulullah SAW....Prophet, teacher, husband, father, statesman, beloved by the faithful......

Volume 9, Book 92, Number 385:

Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah:

Some angels came to the Prophet while he was sleeping. Some of them said, "He is sleeping." Others said, "His eyes are sleeping but his heart is awake." Then they said, "There is an example for this companion of yours." One of them said, "Then set forth an example for him." Some of them said, "He is sleeping." The others said, "His eyes are sleeping but his heart is awake." Then they said, "His example is that of a man who has built a house and then offered therein a banquet and sent an inviter (messenger) to invite the people. So whoever accepted the invitation of the inviter, entered the house and ate of the banquet, and whoever did not accept the invitation of the inviter, did not enter the house, nor did he eat of the banquet." Then the angels said, "Interpret this example to him so that he may understand it." Some of them said, "He is sleeping.'' The others said, "His eyes are sleeping but his heart is awake." And then they said, "The houses stands for Paradise and the call maker is Muhammad; and whoever obeys Muhammad, obeys Allah; and whoever disobeys Muhammad, disobeys Allah. Muhammad separated the people (i.e., through his message, the good is distinguished from the bad, and the believers from the disbelievers)."

- Translation of Sahih Bukhari

Kejayaan manusia terletak hanya dalam din (agama), sejauh mana kita taat perintah Allah SWT dan ikut cara hidup suci murni Nabi Muhammad SAW.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Cute's Blogger?

1) Copy badge "2009 Cute's Blogger Award" at my blog .

2) Link/Ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda.

3) Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya (anda di-tag).

4) Anda perlu memilih 5 penerima award seterusnya dan menyatakan nama mereka di blog anda.

5) Jangan lupa melawat blog kawan anda dan meninggalkan komen yang menyatakan mereka telah ditag.


2. Orang yang bagi award ni nama dia Mumtaz Najihah aka Asz aka Budak Hijau aka Kpala Ngantuk. Kenal dia time buat Pre-TESL kat Kuantan dulu. Dia memang hardcore sebab kat muka dia ada line satu macam punya…...hahahaha… Tony Montana aka Scarface. But looks can be deceiving because she’s a very good friend and she’s really cool (tgh bodek ni. manalah tau dia blanja makan nanti)

3. 10 fakta/hobi

1. Name’s Afiq. Some call me Sheikh.

2. Wants to sleep early but has not been able to do so. (<_>)

3. Loves ikan keli and air kelapa…..standard combo meal.

4. Used to be fascinated with dinosaurs, stamp collecting and toys. Aaaaahhh those were the good ol’ days.

5. Easily infatuated. Something I myself do not like.

6. Forgets names but remembers faces.

7. I’m very shhhyyyyyy………..very….hahaha

8. Received an award for a crossword puzzle tournament in which I did not participate (or did I? hmmm….still kept the gift though)

9. Secretly desires to dominate the world. Observations been made and plans laid out. All I need now is an army of androids, a legion of man-eating zombies, an EMP device, Klaatu, Anne Hathaway and of course, YOUR support. Farzen Master wants YOU!!!!

10. Other’s common 1st impression of me: Garang or sombong or serious… (-_-)

4. And the award goes to:-

1. Jeng
2. Hajar
3. Ezza
4. Azie
5. Nashrah

Monday, 2 March 2009

Do you think it'll sell?.....Hmmmm

Much to boast,

For being a ghost,

From the west coast,

Where life matters most.

Respect gained,

Targets aimed,

As I rise to fame,

No room for shame.


A verse from my new rap single.......hahahahahaha........sifu suruh buat maa.......assignment!!!