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Friday, 17 July 2009

Acrostic & Haiku

Today I had to submit my Creative Writing journal a.k.a diary. Miss Mel said that she wants to see one entry in and also Haiku which we had discussed about in our previous lesson on Wednesday. I included as well my acrostic poem which we had to do on our first class last week. The poem must be based on our full name & nicknames as well. I used only my real name 'Mohd Afiq' and did not include my nickname bestowed to me by my TESL colleagues 'Sheikh'. Hahahaha...

Here's my acrostic poem:-

Mohd Afiq

Moody and somewhat unpredictable,
Often worries for the sake of others,
Hates ignorance and injustice,

Desires to make the world a better place.

Affiliates with peace and tolerance,

Family and friends

I hold dear to me,

Question not on their love and sincerity .


I know it doesn't quite sound like me but one can hope, right?! Lagi pun bila lagi nak syok sendiri. Hahaha!!!

Oh and here are the Haiku I've made. I know that Haiku structure of a three line poem with 5,7 & 5 syllables for each line respectively only applies to the Japanese language but I like to use it with English as I feel that it's a homage to the true form of Haiku. So here they are:-

I saw two old men,
Sharing tales and shaking hands,

A bond forever.

Two cats, black and white,
Claws and fur a fuzzy blur,
A rule of nature.

A tree, green and tall,
The wind blows, the bright leaves glows,

With strong mighty roots.

Now the next Haiku is not your conventional one as Haiku captures visual aspects of nature and uses imagery to convey it's meaning. I made this Haiku with a more abstract feel to it as it's based on a more psychological, emotional and intangible meaning. Here goes,

In darkness we dwell,
Shadows and dust creeps closer,

Bright sunlight is life.

I wonder what Miss Mel's comments might be.Hmmm...

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Breaking the Silence & Stagnancy..

And so it's been 22 days since I posted anything on this blog. It's not that I've lost interest in blogging or writing. It's just that I can't seem to be able to write anything about something these past few weeks. Just when the incandescent light bulb starts to illuminate on an interesting issue, my mind would seem to wander off into oblivion and I'd forget what I wanted to write about in the first place. Trust me, I have loads of drafts saved and each of them are far from complete.

Thus the question is, have I lost my touch? Did I even have it in the beginning? Do we lose interest on a hobby that easily? Is it even called a hobby if it's that easy? Whoa!.. guess I should have written "So the questions are"...

So I came up with some theories of my own that might explain about the cause of this phenomena:-

1. The last 2 months was pure joy of having to spend the semester break by eating scrumptious home cooked meals, reading novels on my comfy bed with the air conditioner on, hanging out with friends and family and running chores and being a chauffeur for my mom. Seriously, a blissful state can surely preoccupy your mind.

2. I can't write anything because there's too much to write about and I've lost track of every single topic and ideas, which seriously pisses me off(as if I'm such a good writer...hahaha).

3. I have limited access to the internet at home during semester breaks. What do you expect from a guy with 3 sisters and a mom who loves to play with Facebook, instant messaging and online games. Luckily my dad just loves to watch Discovery Travel & Living on Astro otherwise it would be an even worst battle(and battle we do!!) XD

4. And even now that the new semester has begun, I realized that too many times have I tried to write only to fall to the temptation of playing DoTA with my friends(they sure are good at persuading and pujuk-ing me to play). Well I guess resistance is futile. HAHAHA!!

Whatever the reasons are there is only one thing to bear in mind; I've overcome it. You want proof, well you're reading it. Let's hope that I'll be able to write more in the near and far future. I'm sure that there are bloggers, writers, journalists and novelists out there that have felt the same thing like I have. It'll definitely be good to know their secret at maintaining their steady pace of brain thunder-storming and keyboard typing motor skills. Ohh and not to mention the time to do so.