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Thursday, 27 August 2009

I feel......















Thursday, 13 August 2009

A hidden one found

It seems that I'm not the only one who's been lacking in posting entries on his blog. All my friends don't seem to blog as frequently as they used to. Maybe adulthood isn't such a good thing. It takes away your time, drains your energy and suppresses your talent. As IF I'm an adult. Time is truly golden however. As life progresses, time becomes scarce. And here we are reminiscing about olden times, about what should have been and what should not. But I like to appreciate it. The hard times and the good ones.

Moving on to present time, I was rearranging my book shelf last week(every semester new BIG HUMONGOUS books replace the ones from previous semester!) and while I was rummaging through my crumpled and torn notepad I found a piece of paper with a poem on it. I wrote in a literature class last semester. It's supposed to be based on "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole"; a novel that we had to read for that literature course. The poem was quite a spontaneous one. I know it's not that good but I actually like it. Hahaha. It's a simple rhyming poem and I'd like to share it with you guys. Here goes......

Of Morning & Beauty

Wake up in the morning,
Heard the jet plane soaring.
How great the smell of coffee,
As good as bread and honey.

Beauty on Pandora's face,
Makes my heartbeat race.
How I long to love,
You, my sweet white dove.


Wish I could write something like this one day to my future wife. Lmao!!

Well perhaps better than this. Hahaha...

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Who knew...

That all that was needed to mend it, was a smile....


p/s: I am now officially addicted to oblong burger! lets get fat everyone!! hahahahaha.....

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Case file designated: Outbreak....

Inspired by true events....

Day 1

Universiti Teknologi MARA(UiTM) has declared a state of emergency. The 2009 pandemic of the H1N1 virus has spread within it's main campus in Shah Alam. The infected are already quarantined and the campus is to be shut down for a week to prevent the spreading of the disease.

Day 2

The medical center is handing out facial masks for students. News of the shut down has spread and students are already purchasing bus tickets home. WHO announced that UiTM is the main incubator for H1N1. The Malaysian government ordered the quarantine of all UiTM students to prevent a nationwide outbreak.

Day 3

Road blocks are set up to detain infected persons or those suspected to be carriers of H1N1. One student, Mohd Afiq codename the Jackal, is said to be missing from one of the many quarantine zones in Shah Alam. It is believed that he is a stowaway and is now named a wanted man. Many others have escaped the quarantine zones as well.

Day 4

Reliable sources say that Mohd Afiq is now safely at home in Penang. Those that aided him in his escape mainly Ahmad Khairul Haziq and his brother, are now considered traitors to the country and are to be shot on sight.

Day 5 - 8

More universities and colleges have been shut down due to cases of flu and mild fever. A massive panic attack has surged across Malaysia leaving many facilities and businesses to be abandoned.
UiTM students are now planning their return to Shah Alam. The Vice-Chancellor is prepared to deal with these students with extreme prejudice. Students can expect serious repercussions. Mohd Afiq is said to be leaving for Shah Alam tomorrow. Many others will join him as well. Surveillance detail has been heightened along the Federal Highway.

Day 9

Mohd Afiq's bus is said to have left Penang around 10.00 hours. This bus is presumed unable to make the drop off at the Puduraya bus terminal due to the 'Mansuh ISA' public rally/demonstration all around Kuala Lumpur. Most roads around Dataran Merdeka are closed to provide control. The police also hope to apprehend the Jackal should his whereabouts are determined.

At 15.00 hours Mohd Afiq arrived at Shah Alam. Further actions are yet to be taken.

Day 10 onwards

Events have yet to transpire.....