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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

An Exausted Poem

I've been feeling pretty lethargic lately.
Metabolism's changing perhaps.
What I need is sleep.
And I need to sleep early.

I'm hungry.
Craving for burgers and chips.
A steak made from lamb or sheep.
If only holidays were daily.

I need to focus.
The stockpile of work that needs doing.
More come everyday.
This is causing me dismay.

I think it's all bogus.
To sit here moping.
But I wish that someone would say,
"I'll chase your pain away".

............................................... ~Afiq

Monday, 14 September 2009

Feeling down??

, DOwn, Down, down

Everyone seems to be down at the lowest point in their lives. Lets start going

, uP, UP, UP

until we reach the sky. Lets climb to a place where we can soar like birds and float in a sea of clouds. Let us be rid of the heavy burdens in our hearts. Lets be free.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Of rain and rainbows....

Ah rain. The downpour signifies the sadness.....despair.....the longing and waiting for a sunny day to come back to us. Each droplet, an angel falls. But even though it will end, the overcast that comes after bears the heavy feeling upon us all. For one can always hope for rain to come again, for the storm to wash away the grin on a child's face, for the lightning that strikes the tree asunder and for the cry of pain from those who've lost hope. It will return....

But as the rain settles and the storm clears, a wonder can be seen. A magnificent display of happiness, joy and hope. A blend of Sol's rays and the misty air. A rainbow....

We cling to our salvation. We seek to determine the truth. We know it is temporary. We know that justice will not always prevail. We know that the world lacks decency. We know that bad people rule the world. We know that the villains and demons are plotting our demise.

We know.....but for that rainbow, for the rays of light streaming through the gaps in the clouds....I'd go through a storm any day.