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Monday, 22 March 2010

G, C, D and the codes go on.....

"I can't believe I wrote a song for you today. Here goes....." (fade-in, strums the guitar)

Friday, 19 March 2010

Fear no more...

How could such a small man moved the hearts of a nation? How was he able to demand such atrocities be committed? Why is it that no one orders virtue to be done? What wrong is there in doing what is right? Why can't the innocent have this strong a leader?

I heard once that to do good is easier than doing something bad. If that is the case, then why is there so much evil in the world? Infants are being discarded as if they are mere wastes. No. It is you who are the wastes. People are now baby killers. What ever happened to the world? Easier to do good than bad? Well I guess most of us like it the hard way then.

Our days go by, one by one. We bid our time slowly even though time is on no one's side.All of us look away from the darkness. But some have embraced it. These are the ones that would deny the dreams that others hold so that they can satisfy their own twisted desires.

But the innocent should fear not. Wake up. Hold fast. Stand strong. For you are not weak. You have warred with your greatest enemy ever, your lust. Evil is weak. Those who do bad are never mighty. They have fears. They fear so much at being victims that they fail to be heroes.

Who do we trust? I have learned to not trust though it is poison to me. But it's not others that I don't trust. I don't trust my judgments. I am afraid of making the wrong decisions. The one that I've disappointed the most is myself.

But all can change. Old resolutions can easily be replaced by more noble ones. I now stare at the shadows. I feared it once. No more. I only feared my inability to do action not the darkness itself. I realize now that to have faith and hope for the best, helps in braving the mysteries of the future. I shall no longer beat myself up. I shall always try and never give up. I shall see the beauty of the world rather than its ugliness. It's all perception. We have a choice. It's all up to us.

Even in a crowd we are individuals. Random tales that converge in a mutual setting. There is sadness and madness. There is joy and mirth. Numerous sides of a coin passing through the stream of life. If only we would all look up to each other and smile.

Yes that's it. A smile. I shall look at the darkness and give it a smile. Maybe it'll go away. And even if it doesn't, then I can always say that I tried. I can say that I never wavered. My faith unshaken. I pray for that strength.

I guess it is easier to do good. I mean come on. It's just a smile. 8)

Thursday, 18 March 2010

The choices I've made....

"I want to protect you from all the troubles of the world. I choose to save you from its horrors. Won't you do the same for me? Will you not save me too?"

Sunday, 14 March 2010

A gift of words for a mother...

I should have posted this two weeks ago but with all the workload that needed doing I couldn't find the time to do so. On the 28th of February my mom celebrated her 48th birthday (hope she doesn't mind me mentioning her age here). Anyways, I usually leave it up to my sisters to pick her presents and I would chip in with the money. This year I thought I would do something different for her. And since she's been bugging me to write a poem about her I thought I'd give her just that as a gift. I didn't write it on paper since my hand writing is not that admirable(it's not nice at all) so I printed it on paper and pasted it on a card that I bought. Here goes the poem:

You were there to give me guidance,
You smiled at me with glowing radiance,
Yours was the touch both gentle and kind.
You can hold me forever and I wouldn't mind.

I hold you dear in my heart,
For I always cry when we are apart.
Life to me can be a dark terrible fight.
But you have always been my hope of light.

You see my worth even when I fail,
You give me courage to storm the trail,
You built the stairs for me to climb,
To seek happiness till the end of time.

You are the inspiration of my life,
The bravest of mothers and a loving wife.
You give me strength that I can boast.
You are the person I cherish the most.

And all your deeds I may never be able to repay,
But today I wish you a very happy birthday.


Took me about two hours to come up with it. Pretty taxing if you ask me. But it sure was worth it. I'm glad that she loved it. Proof?? I made her cry while I was halfway reading it. :)

My mom & I

*Thank you Cekyam for reminding me that I wanted to post this poem on my blog.

Sunday, 7 March 2010