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Friday, 23 July 2010

I am disappointed....

Dalam keadaan demam ku ke sekolah,
Dalam keadaan demam ku marah,
Dalam keadaan demam ku pulang ke rumah,
Dalam keadaan demam hati ku pasrah.


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Of all the days, it had to be today!!

So now I am a teacher. Well, a trainee teacher to be exact. It's been almost a month now and I've gotten used to the school's environment. The students are great, at least those in my classes are. The rest.....well let's just say that the synonym with the word school can sometimes be madhouse. All in all it is a new experience but sure is a tiring one.

As a trainee I have to be observed both by a mentor(an established English teacher in school) and a supervisor(lecturers assigned to monitor our progress during the whole practicum) a few times during the whole practicum. I've been observed once by my mentor and it went well. But today marks the first visit from my supervisor.

As usual the butterflies keep spawning in my belly and everything seems so unclear. I planned my lesson well. It was a double period class( first two periods, morning session) thus time management is of the essence. I received a text around 7.35 a.m. from my supervisor saying that she had just arrived. The butterflies just went supernova!!!

I met her at the parking lot and brought her to my class(4 Bestari). All seemed well until the moment when we came in sight of the class and I realized that something was wrong.

 "It was pure MANIAAAA!!" (exaggeration)

It was mass panic!!! Students running around the corridor with horror stricken faces as if it was the end of the world!! My thoughts - "Why does it have to be today?" (-_-")

I calmed down, took charge and asked what was going on. The students said that there was a present in the middle of the class. ?????!!! What?!! Suddenly the wind blew my way and I smelled the horrendous stench that caused such a commotion. Went into the classroom and saw for myself an unsightly pile of.......yup you guessed it.......SHIT!!!!

"If you think this pic is adorable then something is wrong with you..."

"Who did this or what did this??" I asked my students. It was one huge pile of dung at my first thought was vandalism. My students said that a cat did it. I didn't believe them and I still don't. Cause if it was a cat, then that cat must have eaten a DOG!!!

"Beware of cats and their presents......."

And so I was worried. Had to find other options. Adopt and adept. Analyze the situation. Deduced the possibilities and predict the outcomes. Found a solution. Bingo!! The SAL(Self Access Learning) Room.

The students sure were excited about getting out of the class and I for one don't blame them. And so the lesson started very late, almost entering the second period. I managed to cut out parts of my lesson which were not that important and focused on the main activities.

It sure went well in the end. My supervisor gave great comments and feedbacks and all was good. She even acknowledged that I was quick to handle emergency cases and that the lesson was well conducted. Saw a glimpse of the marks and it sure made me smile. (^___^)

Who knew that having such an awful situation could end up being a part a bright sunny day.

Moral values learned:

1) Always expect the unexpected. Expect it on important dates especially when there are observations.

2) Never show fear and panic when faced with weird and disgusting scenarios.

3) Shit happens. LITERALLY!!!!

"So that was what they were talking about"

p/s: Thank you to my supervisor for being very understanding and for giving inspiring comments.

p/ss: Chip!!! We did good!! haha

And last and not the least p/sss: Thank you so much to my students in 4 Bestari for being such wonderful students. You guys are awesome. I'll be sure to give you guys a treat. :))

Saturday, 10 July 2010

About other muses....

"I'd rather listen to a cryptic lyric than an obvious oblivious one"

Monday, 5 July 2010

I shall be heard!!

"Whoever said that being a teacher is easy can just shove it! It's tiring!!"

p/s: I'm doing my practicum now, teaching form 4 students @ SMK TTDI Jaya. Will not be able to post things as regularly as I would like to. Ho hum... 8(