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Monday, 25 October 2010

Dear you,

I found courage and life in you,
A spirit so strong and true.
Words spoken with wisdom,
Transcending love and freedom.

More than just a pretty smile,
My heart stopped for a long long while.
A dream came of holding your hand,
Thoughts of losing you I can never stand.

The rain falls and all is cold,
Things said that were never told.
I offer you nothing more than my heart,
I cannot bare the thought of being apart.

Your voice brings peace to me,
Shown on my face for all to see.
My heart soars to places high above,
For what keeps it afloat is your sweet,
sweet love.


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

What Allah SWT has in store for us......

This post is actually a respond to another blog post by a person that I know of. I pray that this can be of some significance to you and to me. Here goes...

The usual debate about Fate is always whether we truly are in control of our lives or like you mentioned, merely puppets attached to strings.

Fate has been determined by Allah you say. What is Fate then? A plan? A pathway that man traverse in order to seek the end? What is at the end? A bright light? Or a dark pit?

We question so much about Fate yet it is not that difficult to comprehend. You see, we as human beings and as servants of Allah DO NOT KNOW what each of our Fate is. You say that God is cruel. It may seem so now. But how sure are you that things wouldn't change for the better? That this suffering or pain will one day fade away and happiness will truly come?

We don't know what lies at the end of our Fate or Destiny. We can see beyond whats in front of us in the present. We can only plan for the future. We can predict it. But NEVER can we know what will come to pass.

Some say that if everything is predetermined then why bother being good and pray to Allah? "I'm an evil person. I like to fornicate and drink and gamble. That is my Fate. This is who I am. God has made me this way."

We choose the path......

This is just an excuse for people who are cowards and weak. We have been given a choice. We CHOOSE to be who we are. That is not determined. We were all born the same. Sinless and innocent. Yet why is it that we become horrid creatures when we grow up? Because we chose to be so. Don't blame the upbringing. Yes it has it's role but one can only give so much nurturing to actually shape a person's personality.

We did this to ourselves because of our own weakness.....

We each have our own Fate. But with Fate comes 'rezeki'. Did you know that if your rezeki is that you will eat a single piece of bread before the moment of your death that you will not die UNTIL you actually have eaten that single piece of bread?

Another gift that Allah SWT has given us is actually a tool that can change our Fate. This tool is known as the 'Doa'. Why do you think we pray? A daily ritual just for the fun of it? No. We do not know where our place is in the afterlife. We don't know whether we'll be the same person then than we are now. Only through our prayers that  we can actually determine which path to choose. Which Fate to choose. Our Doa can change Qadha and Qadhar.


And yet some would say,"I have prayed but Allah has not given me anything that I prayed for." Ask them this - Do you pray to Allah ONLY when you need something from him? Only when something bad has befallen upon you? Do you count your blessings that you can breathe, eat and love everyday? Do you remember him during times of ease?

You see it's not whether we turn to Allah SWT when we face difficulties that counts as something. It's the fact that when we are content with life or when we are successful or when we have everything that we had hoped for - do we still remember Him?

I may be able to say that my faith in Allah is strong. And it's only me saying. But I can never know for sure. I can never know whether or not my faith will ever waver. Who knows? One day I might become the most ruthless dictator in the world. And that would be at my OWN choice.

We are all young on this so very old world. There are so many answers that we don't even know what the question is. All we can rely on is our faith in Allah SWT and the knowledge that Allah SWT knows what is best for you and all of us. What we want may be something that we do not need. What we have may not be something that is the best for us. Only Allah SWT knows.

Look at the blessings of life. With the Fate that you have, look at the people in your life. The ones who you care about. I look at my family and I see God. I look at the wonders of nature and I see Allah SWT. I feel grateful that I have been blessed by the love given by people who care for me. By being surrounded by people that have appreciated me. But even if I were a pauper and alone I should not forget about Allah SWT or think Him cruel.


Remember the 2 most important aspects of Faith or Iman is 'Syukur' and 'Sabar'

What is Syukur? Syukur is when you remember Allah SWT even if you don't have anything or anyone in life or when misfortune falls upon you.

Sabar is when you abstain or refrain yourself from doing anything that Allah SWT has forbade us to do.

I'm not saying that I am pious or anything. I'm not saying that I am perfect or without flaws. In fact I am just the opposite. What I have mentioned above is mostly for me.

I hope this helps you and I strengthen our love and obedience to Allah SWT. I pray that Allah SWT blesses us with all the virtues in life. Never give up hope my friend. Never lose faith. Never let evil bring you down. Never give up on Allah SWT. For he has not given up on you. Wallahualam Bissawab. Peace my friend. v(^_^)v

p/s: I purposefully did not give any Quranic verses or Hadiths as my own knowledge is not that great. Please refer to a real Ustaz or anyone more intellectual in matters of Islam. Thank you.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Remember people....

....that nothing good ever comes out of evil. So be good.... :)

.....or thou shall meet thy maker soon. xD