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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Let's get mushy!

CAUTION: There may be traces of 'jiwangness' in the following post.

I believe that to meet someone nice, we should strive to be nice as well. There are those who constantly complain about not meeting the right girl or guy when they themselves are not even close to being called 'model citizens'.

Most of us expect to find the perfect person. But who is perfect? Those with muscular or curvaceous physiques? Those who are smart, intelligent and funny all at the same time? Or those who have all the money in the world?

It's not actually about finding the right package. It's about searching for that one person whose behaviour we can tolerate. A person that is willing to admit his or her own weaknesses. Someone who accepts you for who you are; flaws and deformities with it.

It never is easy when matters of the heart come into question. There is no straight answer to it. No clear path, no definite solution. All it takes is patience and sacrifice.

We have to be patient with everything that we do in life. Not being so would only make us lose sight what the goals are. It's not about how early we marry or how many guests will show up for the wedding or whether or not we have the enough money about it. It's about the tying of two hearts together; celebrating a bond of love and happiness. Bear in mind that there are cases of people who cannot marry because of failing to adhere to old customs and traditions. Sometimes it's not even at their own doing but their families' and society's

Why must we make such a wonderful union, a troublesome endeavour? It's easier these days to get a divorce than to get married. It's even cheaper in fact. Not to mention faster. No guests list to be made. No dowry, no invitations. Just to and fro marches to the court and, Voila!, man and wife no more.

Sacrifices must be made. Old and irrelevant traditions should just be discarded. People need to open up their eyes and see what the world is coming to. There is no need to be dead set on maintaining culture when our very own principles and moral standings are being subject to defamation by crime, corruption and foreign influences. Most of the younger generations don't even bother with relating themselves to our culture. Not to mention that sometimes even traces of religion can no longer be seen in such trendy lifestyles that the youth have become accustomed to. (Pardon me for going a bit political here)

Being able to sacrifice one's own needs for the needs of the one we love is the key to love. I believe that we should make ourselves to be the best person we can for our significant other even if he or she may not fit our criteria or suit to our taste.

I would like to think that complaining about the other person not being nice or good enough for us is something that can be changed. Sometimes the mistakes that come from the one we love are our own personal faults as well. We like to think of ourselves as the good guys even though we tend to do bad things; it's in our nature to revere ourselves.

To say that I, myself, am capable of doing any of those mentioned above is not true. I always forget to see beyond my own needs and demands. I can be a very selfish person. I wish that it is easy to keep to the changes and resolutions I've made. I just hope that I can find the patience and endurance to go through all of this. I just hope that I'll be able to make the sacrifices that are necessary when the time comes.

I wish and hope for a lot of things. But I wish it not only for myself but for others as well. I know that my writing may be biased in some areas. I know that I may just be all talk and no walk. This is not a solution to any problem or a powerful secret that no one else knows. This is just a piece of my mind. I have friends who are married and those who are soon to be. I have a family of my own that provides an example to me of what kind of a person I should be. I see in them love. I see in them tolerance and patience. I see in them strength.

I pray that I can be like them; to be the best that I can for the one I love. :)

Friday, 14 October 2011


As I wander through the night,
I see above a wondrous sight.
Trees rustled by a gentle breeze,
A waxing moon puts me at ease.

A single star by Luna's side,
The seas flow at the turn of the tide.
Leaves cast shadows and silhouettes,
Chasing away the clinging regrets.

The streets are filled with light,
As the lamps glow so very bright.
A hundred stars fell from the sky,
Leaving me to ponder why.

I gaze upon the moon and the star,
Like an ant, remote and afar.
But up there those two shine,
Telling me that all will be fine.


Note: Used to be titled 'On certain nights....'. Decided to make some changes to the names of my poems. I am also editing some of the posts. Proofreading sure goes a long way. (07042016)

Monday, 10 October 2011

The News

Days are added to history,
Tears etched in memory.
The pillars strong and bold,
Yet time has made it old.

Scribbles emit a story,
Of failure and epic glory.
Life ends and begins anew,
More shadows as the trees grew.

Promises are heard,
Of ways to flee the herd.
The boundaries reachable,
To break is impossible.

The arms move separately,
Showing fortune and folly.
A mystery ready to unfold,
Simple stones may become gold.