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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Afiq Show

The Truman Show had such an impact on me when I was a child. Can you imagine yourself being trapped in a world where everyone else can see you and you are completely oblivious to it? Can you handle the fact that the people in your life are mere actors pursuing their own fame and glory? Or that everything in your life, every object and belonging are only product placements? Having recently watched the movie again, I can't help myself but feel the same way I did the first time I saw it.

"This is actually a horror movie.."

I remembered during a road trip with my family, when I asked my father whether or not I am in a television show like Truman. He just laughed and said it was absurd for something like that to be true. But then I wondered, that's what everyone said to Truman when he started to realize the fallacy of his life. I even argued that Truman had never left his hometown, which was actually a huge production set with weather control and a fake sun, and neither have I at the time. Of course my argument had to be changed to never leaving the country, since Malaysia isn't really big. But since a few years back my family and I went to Bangkok, so I guess the paranoia was all for nothing. Or was it....

 "Where are the CAMERAAS?!!"

Despite such silliness, I wanted to share the idea of us behaving the way we do whenever we are alone. We all portray a different personality, behaviours or mannerisms depending on different situations and the company at present. Sometimes it's about seeking the approval of others. However, do we remain as the same person when we are alone? Some of us have habits that we only indulge when we are alone such as drinking water from a bowl or dance to a pop song (NOT my thing) or biting our nails (Eeww).

"There's a reason for such an invention".

Okay, forget the silly examples. What I'm saying here is that I used to be careful of the way I acted whenever I was alone after watching The Truman Show. Before that, I would play with toy guns and act out imaginary action sequences. After that, I just tried to play cool and steady and try to find the mini cameras at every possible corners. Such silliness.

What I realised in the end, is that even though we may not be in a television show or subject to voyeurism, there is always Allah watching us. In Islam, we are taught to behave the best whenever and wherever we are; to know that all our deeds, good or bad, are not unseen. It is with Allah that we should be most decent, most well behave and most endearing. It is He to whom we return to. And it is Allah's approval that we should seek the most.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Serpents and Sheep...

Break the chains that bind thee,
Seek the light for all to see.
Beware the serpent and its hiss,
Words naught but an empty promise.

The frost bites the naked steel,
A torment reminding of all that is real.
Cowards cry for a shameful respite,
The mighty slay with all their might.

A thousand wings cast their shadows,
Peasants flee the burning meadows.
Of life ruined and blood spilled,
For the law says kill or be killed.

And so ends the scribe's mourning,
The cock crows in the morning.
A shepherd rises to rally the sheep,
And evil goes into slumber so deep.


* It's been a while since I posted a poem here. Feeling a bit rusty these days. Hope this one is good enough. Enjoy.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Nicely done.

"It doesn't hurt to be nice, but it does hurt others if you are not."