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Saturday, 15 December 2012


Greetings, people. I suddenly had the urge today to read some of my previous blog posts. I must admit that I truly enjoyed reading the comment section. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at some of them but I realised that there was a time when I was very active at blogging. It dawned on me that people regularly commented on my posts and there are some from readers who I do not know personally (most of them are from friends and colleagues of mine).

A few years back the posts started to become less frequent than usual, all because of the workload in the later semesters of my degree. Nowadays it seems that I am not the only one who has been somewhat absent from the blogosphere, but most of the bloggers I know as well. Some of them have even deactivated their profiles.

I used to think that I really enjoyed writing and blogging. I am not sure I feel the same anymore. I wonder though, if all the other bloggers feel the same. Could their absence be the result of their busy lives? Could it be that they have switched to other forms of writing? Or is it simply the case of losing interest?

As all the years have taught me, interest plays an important role in making decisions. People always say that you should do something that you have interest in, be it work, study or play. This would definitely help in making it more productive and keeping you motivated as well. The thought that I have in mind is, what if our interest changed? I know that interests can change but what if the changes are very frequent? Take me, for example. Within a few years after my first blog post my interest in it has certainly waned. Yes, the excuses are there. Workload, busy schedule, bad internet connection but these things have always been there from the start. I just made more effort to write then than I do now.

Being at where I am now, such thoughts are surely daunting. I am still unemployed (there will be a special post about this any time soon) and at times I get worried as to the reasons why. Is it because my interests have changed? Could it be that I am not answering my true calling? Maybe I made a wrong decision at some point that resulted in me being this way. And don't get me started on marriage. While I am fine at seeing my friends finding their soul mates, it does bug me when other people tell me to get married soon. If I could, I would. But right now there are things that I need to get into order so I can marry someone. I'll need to earn a living first, of course. Then there is the preparation in terms of mind, body and soul. And it's not like there's anyone special in my life right now. No pressure.

Do not worry. I know that Allah has things in store for me. I am patient about it and I am glad the people around me are very understanding. Sooner or later my time will come. I know I will find my interests again be it in work, love or life. The proof? I am still able to breathe the morning air. That itself is worth to be grateful for.

Before ending this I would like to give a special shout-out to Nashrah, Azie, Afiqah, Haziq, Nen and all my blogger friends who have been there at the start. How I miss those days and how I miss you all. Take care.

P.S. Towards the end of writing this post, I went and ate a plate of nasi lemak and watched some parts of 'Dear Lemon Lima' on Sundance. :)