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Monday, 13 October 2014


I see faces, distant and blurry,
A portrait of dreams and history.
The waves smash against heart's walls,
Blinding and tearing as love falls.

Gone are the faces, ghosts remain,
Silent and weaving, driving me insane.
Come back, come back to me,
Your splendours, I crave to see.

A blanket of shadows covers the sky,
Grey walls stand empty and dry.
The fires burn like sparkling stars,
As I search for reality, near and far.

The holes grow wider and deeper,
Honest thoughts crawl up closer.
Would someone take this heart of mine,
And tell me that all will be fine?


Note: It took quite some time for me to complete this poem. I usually write a poem within a few hours, sometimes even minutes. And the ones that take longer, I discard them altogether. With 'Grey' it took me about two months. I have always wanted to make a poem of people who I have admired, been infatuated or felt deep connections with. I don't even know some of them personally, merely observed them from afar.

Nowadays I feel as if it was all for nothing, those feelings I had for the 'ghosts'. It only seemed to be a game that the heart played, trying to fill itself with something that was never meant to be. I believe that love is always there in our hearts. It only needs a target for it to flow to. I am, of course, referring to love between people and not with God. Love towards Allah is a must and only through it can we know the true meaning of love and all that comes with it.

The reason why I could not finish the poem sooner was because it was hard to find the suitable words to express what I felt and still feel. I try my best to be honest in my writings but I am also a guarded person. Anyways, it was only until I watched 'The Fault in Our Stars' last night that I felt like finishing the poem. It sure made me mushy, if you still can't tell. Listening to "Wait" by M83 and "I Wish It Would Rain Down" by Phil Collins and Eric Clapton sure helped too.

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