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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Into the Sky

Sparks fly with each pen stroke,
As I spill out the ink of my heart.
In the silence of the night cloak,
I fold the paper into a work of art.

A wind-borne melody calls to me,
I open the window into the night.
The moon glimmers for all to see,
My paper plane prepares for flight.

A few steps feel like leagues away,
I take my stance for the throw.
'He is a coward', let no one say,
My love soars the sky for all to know.

The wings flutter as it carries the task,
I stare back at my empty hand.
And the one question that I must ask,
Is where will the paper plane land?


Note: I have been a fan of Hayao Miyazaki ever since I watched Princess Mononoke a few years ago. Last December, I watched his so called 'final film', The Wind Rises. Miyazaki has announced his retirement so many times before, only to come back and make another amazing film, not that anybody complains about it though. Many have called Spirited Away as his magnum opus, but I think The Wind Rises is definitely the masterpiece.

This poem was inspired by the film, particularly from a scene where the main character makes a paper plane and slingshots it into the air. While watching that scene, a title came to mind - 'Where the Paper Planes Land'. I wanted to write a poem about a magical or otherworldly place where all the paper planes landed. As you can read, the title ended up in the final line of the last stanza, and the poem itself represents a different idea altogether.

The fuel to writing this poem was Christopher Drake's 'Gotham City, 1986' from The Dark Knight Returns. Not sure how the dark tone of the music helped with the lovey-dovey theme of the poem, but it surely did. Of course, on the last two stanzas I switched to Hans Zimmer's 'S.T.A.Y' from Interstellar, so I guess it came around to a softer tone in the end.